Introducing Microbiome Futures

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Great expectations have been raised over the last two decades by advances made in unlocking the mysteries of the microbiome and by first inroads taken into harnessing the resulting scientific insights for wellness and therapeutic purposes.

The sobering reality however is that with the exception of fecal microbiota transplantation for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection and of a handful of scientifically backed probiotics, the development of microbiome based therapeutics and wellness products – whether targeting the microbiome or using it as a source of therapeutic and prophylactic compounds – has been slow in the making because of our limited understanding of the complex biology underlying the microbiome’s function and physiology.

Despite this knowledge gap, however, researchers, investors and companies are increasingly coming together to devise new and creative ways in which to address the challenge. And the time is now right to collectively assess the state of affairs in the microbiome space as it pertains to translational potential, hurdles and future directions by bringing together stakeholders ranging from basic researchers to venture capitalists and pharmaceutical executives.

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