Microbiome Drug Development Event

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Microbiome Drug Development Event

Despite increased investment, there are still major challenges generating effective pre-clinical data and translating that into the clinic; including building an effective CMC strategy that allows a realistic scale-up. Another major challenge is navigating the regulatory landscape in Europe which is becoming increasingly difficult and has even resulted in companies setting up offices in the US.

To help cut the hype from the hope, we’d like to invite you to join the 2nd Annual Microbiome Drug Development Summit Europe (29th January – 1st February, Paris France) – the only end-to-end meeting designed exclusively for industry leaders to help accelerate the precise translation of microbiome R&D from disease causation into safe, effective and commercially scalable therapeutic products.

Why We’re Excited for Microbiome Drug Development Summit Europe:
Over 35+ speakers from the forefront of translational microbiome research:
Learn, share and collaborate with organizations using novel drug modalities including Seres Therapeutics, Vedanta Biosciences, Rebiotix, Enterome, 4D Pharma, Gusto Global, AstraZeneca, Janssen R&D, GSK, Merck, Pfizer and many more

Definitive focus on end-to-end microbiome based drug development:
Our agenda is carefully positioned so from start to finish, we will integrate leading industry insight to tackle the greatest challenges across the entire drug development value chain

Understand Regulatory Uncertainty in Europe:
With no clear narrative from regulatory agencies, get unique insight into how industry are defining novel regulatory pathways to standardize practice and accelerate speed to market

Overcome Key Clinical Implementation Considerations:
As the microbiome industry accelerates to market approval, learn how companies are selecting accurate patient populations, dosing schedules and clear clinical endpoints to establish safe and effective human trials

Learn to Scale Microbiome Therapeutics with CMC/Manufacturing considerations:
Learn how key companies developing microbiome-based therapeutics are manufacturing to maximize consistency, effectively scale up and improve reliability

Subtractive Therapies and the Microbiome:
Discover how researchers are using subtractive approaches to target narrow-spectrum bacteria through phage development

Exclusive Post-Conference Focus Day – Immuno Oncology and the Human Microbiome:
Join this interactive day to learn from industry how modulation of the microbiota may be used to enhance clinical response rates for patients treated with IO therapeutics

Join us to find out how leading researchers are addressing unique scientific and product developmental challenges when bringing a new age of microbiome-based therapeutics. Find out how to join. http://microbiome-europe.com/about/full-event-guide/

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