Overuse Of Antibiotics, Big Threat For Bees & Humans

Posted by: | March 17, 2017 | Comments


A study conducted has found out that overuse of antibiotics is bad for humans and bees alike. Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have done an experiment using honey bees and common antibiotics.

Most of the honeybees that were treated with common antibiotics did not last of a week. Meanwhile, the honeybees that were not treated did last for the whole week. The health implication found will also likely be found in human beings, reported Phys.org. It has made the overuse of antibiotics proven to be bad.

The common antibiotics have cleared out beneficial gut bacteria in the bees. Overuse of antibiotics has made way for the dangerous pathogens to go in. Those pathogens are also found in humans so this occurrence might also happen with human beings. The research team has also found out that the healthy bacteria like the gut microbes decreased fast. Moreover, the increased level of Serratia, a pathogenic bacterium that afflicts humans and other animals, was found in the gut of the treated bees.

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