The (still somewhat mysterious) science behind the microbiome

Posted by: | March 1, 2018 | Comments

The (still somewhat mysterious) science behind the microbiome

Fans of the ’90s cartoon “The Magic School Bus” may remember one of the show’s earlier episodes, where Ms. Frizzle and her class shrink down to take a journey through a sick student’s body. Along the way, they cross paths with the very bacteria responsible for the illness.

The bacteria is actually part of the microbiome, or the collection of microbes that live on or inside people.

Frizzle and her students likely never heard that term, though, because microbiome exploration started taking off only about 10 years ago, as scientists gained access to better DNA sequencing technology developed in the era of the Human Genome Project. Though nascent, the research has already provided valuable insights about the tiny organisms that call humans home and the ways they affect health.

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