Fecal Microbiota Transplantation, Commensal Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus johnsonii Strains Differentially Restore Intestinal and Systemic Adaptive Immune Cell Populations Following Broad-spectrum Antibiotic Treatment

Posted by: | January 18, 2018 | Comments


The essential role of the intestinal microbiota in the well-functioning of host immunity necessitates the investigation of species-specific impacts on this interplay. Aim of this study was to examine the ability of defined Gram-positive and Gram-negative intestinal commensal bacterial species, namely Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus johnsonii, respectively, to restore immune functions in mice that were immunosuppressed by antibiotics-induced microbiota depletion.

Read more at: Frontiers in Microbiology

Ira Ekmekciu, et al. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2017.02430. 11 December 2017.

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