Comments on the 2nd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota in Paris, October 16-17 2014

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From Dr. Bettina Pyndt Jørgensen, PhD Fellow at University of Copenhagen, we received a short summary of the recent microbiota conference in Paris, France. Bettina’s own work is focused on the gut microbiota’s effect on behavioral and neuroinflammatory animal models.

“I had the pleasure to participate in the conference organized by the Pasteur Institute in Paris. The program was very interesting, with the focus on the interaction between gut microbiota and the host, in regards to both disease development and normal homeostasis, in addition to novel methods for characterizing the microbiota. Many interesting oral presentations were given addressing the impact of the gut microbiota in mitochondrial dysfunction, cancer, immune dysregulation, obesity, mental illness, and much more. This was supplemented by several poster sessions, in which a lot of additional interesting research within the area was presented. This included research within my field, which is dietary effect on the gut microbiota and behavior. The program was tight scheduled and the conference room was packed due to an overwhelming interest, but things went smoothly anyway. The annual conference can be recommended as a way of gaining a broad update on novel research within the area of microbiome-host interactions.”

Bettina Pyndt Jørgensen, DVM, PhD Fellow at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Randi Lundberg

    It is interesting to hear that new ideas about the possible crosstalk between host mitochondria and the gut microbes were discussed at the conference. We learn so much more every day in this field!

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