Book Review: Animal Models for Microbiome Research

Posted by: | September 4, 2018 | Comments

Book Review: Animal Models for Microbiome Research

This book is the outcome of Workshop on Animal Models for Microbiome Research: Advancing Basic Science and Translational Research, hosted by the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR). Microbiome and germ-free researchers James Fox, Joseph Newsome, Wendy Garrett, Jeffrey Gordon and Vincent Young organized the workshop, with the following goals:

  1. Improve the depth and breadth of analysis of microbial communities using various model organisms
  2. Address the challenges of standardization and biological variability inherent in gnotobiotic animals-based research
  3. Examine the predictability and translatability of preclinical studies to humans
  4. Discuss strategies for expanding the infrastructure and tools for conducting studies in these types of model

Read more at: Taconic Insights

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