Does the Microbiome Affect Immunotherapy Outcomes?

Posted by: | November 12, 2019 | Comments

Does the Microbiome Affect Immunotherapy Outcomes?

The microbiome consists of about 100 trillion microbes (microbiota) and their genomes. These are made of bacteriophage, fungi, bacteria, protozoa (single-cell eukaryotes), and viruses in the human body. They play an important role in health maintenance systems of the immune system, as well as in drugs and foreign substances (xenobiotics) metabolism.

Researchers have discovered that the microbiome influences many human diseases, including cancer. The response of the microbiome towards cancer therapy becomes more evident. Therefore, it is suggested that modifying the microbiome could have an impact on the response of cancer treatments.

The onset of cancer, its progression, as well as the outcomes of cancer therapy, depend on the immune system response.

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