The Secrets of Successful Venture Pitching: A New Workshop at the 5th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference

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5th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference

An important new workshop is taking place at the 5th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference (Boston | April 16-18, 2019). Dr. Lakshmi Balanchandra, the Founder of the Women’s Venture Capital Network and an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College’s Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, will be presenting What Investors Want, What Investors Notice and Value in a Pitch – The Secrets to Successful Venture Pitching.

Everyone knows entrepreneurs need to have great pitches – live oral presentations of their ventures. Entrepreneurs must be able to articulate their ideas in a “pitch” to all types of “catchers” in order to obtain all types of important start-up resources like early employees to join them with little or no pay, benefits or structure, or first customers who are not convinced of functionality or ability to deliver and of course investors who could provide them with critical early financing.

While most entrepreneurs know they need to have their venture ideas clearly presented in terms of what the idea is, how it was developed, and how protected it is, they may not know what specifically investors notice and value during the pitch that leads them to prefer some ventures over others. Investors proudly state they evaluate the market potential and the management team above anything else when considering whether or not to invest. But the evaluation of the pitch comes much earlier in the investment process and contributes to the investors’ assessment of whether or not the management team is one they would like to back. When asked, investors cannot state with certainty that there are no certain ‘rules’ or qualities that must be met when they watch entrepreneurs pitching.

The pitch remains a critical component of the investors’ decision to fund. Almost no investor would fund without watching the entrepreneur pitch his or her venture. The popularity of shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den highlight our fascination with the entrepreneur pitch-investor interactions. And though the context is entrepreneurship, crafting effective pitches is a skill that can be applied by any manager across any category in business. In this session, learn what works and why when pitching to investors, and a chance to practice your pitch to make successful hits.

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