Webinar Q&A — Microbiological Monitoring of Germ-Free and Gnotobiotic Colonies

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Webinar Q&A — Microbiological Monitoring of Germ-Free and Gnotobiotic Colonies

Dr. Paula Roesch recently presented a webinar on microbiological monitoring of germ-free and gnotobiotic colonies. Taconic Biosciences has decades of experience in this area and Dr. Roesch presented a thorough look at all aspects of the process, starting from tools and approaches to process validation and monitoring and moving into isolator monitoring techniques.

She even included lessons learned from a case study where things didn’t go as expected. This Insight presents a full Q&A — for example, what type of sterilization approach would you take for heat-sensitive materials, such as live mammalian cells, entering an isolator?

Dr. Paula Roesch: Hopefully this would be a sterile liquid with mammalian cells in it. Prepare your tube in a biosafety cabinet using a tube with a gasket on the top so you can dip it in sterilant — completely submerge it — because it is very hard to get sterilization around the rings of a tube like that. Do it in a biosafety cabinet with a sterile tube, dip it and bring it into the isolator. That’s the best you can do and it should work.

Read all of the questions and answers at Taconic Insights

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