Webinar Q&A — Validated Il10 Knockout Models for IBD Research

Posted by: | January 7, 2020 | Comments

Webinar Q&A — Validated Il10 Knockout Models for IBD Research

Dr. Philip Dubé recently presented a webinar on validated Il10 knockout mouse models for IBD research. He gave an overview of research in this area and presented new data on these models from studies done by Boehringer Ingelheim and Incyte.

Due to time constraints, many of the questions submitted during the webinar went unanswered. This Insight presents a full Q&A — for example, can Taconic Biosciences provide germ-free Il10 knockout mice which have been associated with a human microbiota?

Dr. Philip Dubé: Yes. We have performed these types of projects with other strains of germ-free mice. We can use customer-provided microbiota and perform associations and maintenance of associated colonies. For Il10 knockout mice, disease onset is a concern and mice would need to be shipped to the customer facility prior to significant disease development.

Read all of the questions and answers at Taconic Insights

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