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Gnotobiotics, edited by Trenton Schoeb and Kathryn Eaton, is invaluable to those developing or managing gnotobiotic facilities.

The book is part of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine Series, published by Elselvier, and covers a number of species including rodents, swine and fish. It is assembled from contributions by nineteen authors with firsthand experience managing gnotobiotic facilities.

James Fox nicely captures the essence of this book in his foreword: “[T]his text provides the biomedical research community an essential text on the successful operation of a gnotobiotic research facility and provides compelling examples of the use of gnotobiotic animals in understanding the complexities of how the microbiome plays an indispensable role in the shaping of host’s physiological and immunological responses required to maintain homeostasis.”

Read Here: Taconic Biosciences

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