Bifidobacterium longum counters the effects of obesity: Partial successful translation from rodent to human

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The human gut microbiota has emerged as a key factor in the development of obesity. Certain probiotic strains have shown anti-obesity effects. The objective of this study was to investigate whether Bifidobacterium longum APC1472 has anti-obesity effects in high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obese mice and whether B. longum APC1472 supplementation reduces body-mass index (BMI) in healthy overweight/obese individuals as the primary outcome. B. longum APC1472 effects on waist-to-hip ratio (W/H ratio) and on obesity-associated plasma biomarkers were analysed as secondary outcomes.

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Harriƫt Schellekens, Cristina Torres-Fuentes, Marcel van de Wouw, Caitriona M. Long-Smith, Avery Mitchell, Conall Strain, et al. Elsevier B.V. DOI: 18 December 2023.

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