The impact of exercise training and resveratrol supplementation on gut microbiota composition in high‐fat diet fed mice

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The aim of this study was to examine the effect of exercise training and dietary supplementation of resveratrol on the composition of gut microbiota and to test the hypothesis that exercise training and resveratrol can prevent high‐fat diet (HFD)‐induced changes in the gut microbiota. Mice fed a HFD supplemented with resveratrol (4 g/kg food) were protected against diet‐induced obesity, while exercise trained HFD‐fed animals (running on average 50 km/week) were not. Dietary resveratrol supplementation induced changes predominantly in the low‐abundant bacteria, while exercise training induced changes in the high‐abundant bacteria in the gut as analyzed by ADONIS test with Weighted UniFrac distances.

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Nina Brandt, Dorota Kotowska, Caroline M. Kristensen, Jesper Olesen, Ditte O. Lützhøft, Jens F. Halling, Martin Hansen, Waleed A. Al‐Soud, Lars Hansen, Pia Kiilerich, Henriette Pilegaard. Physiological Reports. DOI: 24 October 2023.

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