Scientists for Advancing Microbiome Research

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The Scientists for Advancing Microbiome Research recognize the study of the human microbiome, in disease and in health, is of relevance to the missions of many investigators and government funding agencies. We have the following set of objectives:

  • Increasing awareness across of gaps, needs, and challenges faced by the broad microbiome research community to drive future research and make best use of funded investments;
  • Facilitating coordination between agencies such as the NIH Institutes and Centers, as well as other international efforts, to promote coherent oversight for policies and approaches that will maximally benefit microbiome-related biomedical research;
  • Identifying areas where common resources or partnerships would benefit microbiome-related bio- medical research;
  • Exploring how all government funding agencies could collaborate to integrate the microbiome into studies of human health and more broadly into studies of human interactions with their physical and microbial environment;
  • Enabling researchers new to microbiome research to make deep, reproducible contributions;
  • Promoting experimental design guidelines that are critical, yet are often very difficult to achieve in the current funding climate;
  • Fostering understanding of the current state of microbiome research, and shaping an overall vision for future directions of the field over the next 10 years.

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