Enterome Bioscience

Posted by: | October 19, 2023 | Comments

Enterome is a Paris-based private company with the most advanced technology and products in the emerging field of disease management of the human gut microbiome.
Our company has been established in 2012 and has already raised a €7.5m series A with three private equity funds (Seventure, Omnes Capital & Lundbeckfond Ventures) and two strategic investors (Danone & Shire).

Enterome develops science-based personalized medical tests and companion diagnostics based on profiling of the human gut microbiome with the goal to improve management of microbiome-related diseases, e.g., metabolic, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune. These chronic disorders depend on genetic susceptibility (polymorphisms of the human genome), but are also triggered by environmental factors where dysbiosis of the intestinal bacterial ecosystem (gut microbiome) is a major contributor.

Find out more at Enterome Bioscience.

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