Microbiome Insights, Inc.

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Microbiome Insights Inc. (www.microbiomeinsights.com) is a Vancouver-based company providing state-of-the art microbiome sample testing and analysis.

The microbiome is the community of microorganisms – including bacteria, viruses and fungi – that inhabit humans, animals, plants and environments. The Company enables researchers and clinicians to easily and effectively include microbiome analysis in their studies, across a range of human, animal, agricultural and environmental research applications. Our team of experts and testing methods combine to provide fast, dependable, cost-effective results for customers including analyses on microbial profiles of disease, treatment responses and environmental changes. Our services include:

• iTag Microbiome Analysis (Who is there?) – analysis of composition of complex microbial communities and relative abundance of select groups based on high-throughput sequencing of PCR amplicons for prokaryotic, fungal and eukaryotic communities.

• Quantitative PCR (How many are there?) – quantitation of microbial populations or groups of interest such as total bacteria, archaea and fungi.

• Shotgun Metagenome Analysis (What can they do?) – analysis of combined genetic potential of microbial communities based on high-throughput sequencing of total DNA and analysis of sequence data.

• Shotgun Metatranscriptome Analysis (What are they doing?) – analysis of combined gene expression of microbial communities based on high-throughput sequencing of total RNA and analysis of mRNA transcripts.

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